Idea Generator

There are no rules when it comes to integrating technology into government, so where do we start to discuss this vast field of possibilities? Well, to potentially get the discussion going, I am going put forth a hypothetical implementation of internet voting that admittedly and expectedly yields its own questions. Starting a government from scratch in my opinion is impractical. It is much more practical to slowly implement any new systems by taking advantage of the flexible nature of modern governments. Imagine, for example, if there existed a concept of virtual representatives. Slowly, if we let these representatives run for office using the same legal systems that we are used to, we could have program driven representation in Congress, and I believe that this could become such a popular method of representation that the majority of the legislative branch could be composed of these virtual representatives. An example of a virtual representative could comprise of a system that presents current issues to users, and poles their votes about certain aspects. This data would then be analyzed to determine what corresponding action should be taken in Congress, for example. Perhaps the virtual representative program would take actions based on data from opinion questions. Either way, there are problems with the implementation of these representatives. How do we even allow them to run for office? How can we be sure that each person is equally represented? How do we make sure the virtual representative doesn't represent those outside of their scope? Let me know what you think in the comments. 


When trying to figure out how to integrate the benefits of the internet and other technologies into government, immediately a few questions come to mind. What would its implementation look like? How would you protect against fraud and cyber attacks? There are many more. When one tries to answer these questions, it is useful to keep in mind some practical implementation of these technologies. But these questions also potentially have many answers. The important thing is that we can find good answers to these problems and work towards integrating the solutions into our governments. At present, there exists no place to discuss these problems and address their solutions. This is that place.